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Fees and contributions

School fees and an optional contribution are levied by the school to pay for a range of goods, services, specialist lessons and also to pay for most excursions, carnivals and shows in advance for the children throughout the year.

Each semester you will receive an invoice for your child/children's school expenses.  The invoice for the semester will include the cost of excursions, incursions, special program costs, etc for two terms.  The Semester 1 (Terms 1 & 2) invoice will be different to that of the Semester 2 (Terms 3 & 4) as it includes a 'Voluntary Contribution' and an annual 'Technology' and 'Resource' charge.  As the iPad program is now in place there are significant costs to the school for apps, insurance and maintenance that we didn't have before and this fee will make it possible for the school to offer new and exciting programs for the children.  It also includes an annual subscription for Mathletics.

The 'Resource' fee goes towards the cost of updating and replacing lost home readers and books from the reading sets used from K-6 and the provision of additional supplies and equipment for use in creative arts activities, science, sport and mathematics.  In other words - the 'extras'.

Please note: costs not included are for camps and special activities for which children volunteer or are selected, such as dance groups, choirs and representative sport teams.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to the school as they make an enormous difference to what we are able to provide for your children.

How to Pay Your School Fees

The Warrawee PS accepts cash, cheque payments (made payable to Warrawee Public School), direct transfer or credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) payments.  Parents experiencing any difficulties making payments can apply to the Principal, in the strictest confidence, to arrange to pay by instalments.  No child will be disadvantaged by financial stringency.

Direct Transfer Details
Our online payment portal (POP) is linked to our school website to make it easier for you to pay for school related payments.  This is a secure payment page hosted by Westpac Banking Corporation.

What expenses can be paid on-line?
Voluntary School Contributions,  KLA / subject contributions, excursions and incursions, sport and dance/gym programs, creative and practical arts , sales to students, etc

Setting Up Direct Deposit Payments

1. Log onto our School website:  www.warrawee-p.schools.nsw.gov.au

2. Click on "Make a payment"  and follow the prompts to make a payment via Visa or MasterCard.

3. When you access $Make a payment you must enter:  the student's name and date of birth (you do not need to enter the Student Registration Number).

These details are entered each time you make a payment as student information is not held within the payment system.   You have the ability to check and change any details of the payment before the payment is processed. Receipts can be emailed and/or printed.

If you are not paying the entire amount on the invoice please specify in the description what is being paid for, for e.g. Brainstorm Productions incursion $6.

Details of the payments are passed daily to the school where they will be receipted against your child's account.  As a receipt has been issued from the payment page a further receipt will not be issued by the school.


For any enquiries regarding the online payment process please contact our Primary-side Office on
9144 2637