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Class Parents

Class Parents Roles and Responsibilities for 2021

Warrawee Public School has a tradition of being a very caring, supportive and social school. A key element contributing to this success is our network of wonderful Class Parents. At the beginning of each year we look for 1 to 2 parents per class to take on this important and fulfilling role. If you are interested in being a Class Parent please email (listing your child’s class)  classparentinfants@wpspandc.org for Infants familes and classparentprimary@wpspandc.org for Primary families.

It is a great way to get involved and know what is happening in the school. 

Class parent roles and responsibilities

1.  Provide main point of contact for teacher & parents and distribute P&C and school information 

The Class Parent is responsible for the sharing of information – email is the easiest and most commonly used form of communication, it is therefore important to check your emails regularly and ensure you forward information to all parents within your class. 

2.  Circulate class contact list and ensure privacy and confidentiality of information

The Class Parents are responsible for assisting the Class Parent Coordinator in finalising the Class Contact List and circulating to all parents on the list.  It is also the responsibility of the Class Parent to advise the Class Parent Coordinator of any amendments to the list. Please note that all contact information is to ONLY be distributed to your class and should any parent not wish to have certain details eg phone number included in the contact list their privacy is to be respected and the information omitted from the contact list. If new students join your class, please provide them with a Student Details Form to complete if they wish to be added to the class list. Any edits or additions to the Class Contact List are to be made by the Class Parent Coordinator and a new list will be issued to the Class parent for distribution.

3.  Welcome new parents and farewell leaving parents

We encourage Class Parents to welcome new families to the school and offer any help they can.  The Class Parents therefore need to ask the teacher to notify them of any new students, so the families can be contacted.  They should also be told of any students leaving the school and arrange a farewell if possible. Class Parents are to advise the Class Parent Coordinator so the class contact list can be updated and reissued.

4.  Organise class social events

Being a friendly school, we like to socialise and therefore organising social events is a nice way of getting to know the parents in our class a little better.  Class Parents tend to be the organisers of such get-togethers – dinners, morning teas, picnics, play dates in the park etc. What you do and how often you do it is totally up to the Class Parent and their class.

5.  Organise end of year gift/birthday surprise 

Class Parents organise end of year gifts for their teachers.  This involves requesting donations from the class for a gift, making arrangements to collect the donations (it is a good idea to propose an amount as a guide and a deadline for receiving donations), purchasing and presenting the gift and reporting back to the class via email how much was raised collectively and what was purchased (include some photos of the gift).  Hampers or vouchers are a great idea, but it depends on your teacher.  The children in the class might be a good source of ideas or other teachers. 

Some Class Parents like to acknowledge a teacher’s birthday with a gift or flowers. In terms of collecting donations for gifts, many classes use online group gifting sites such as “Group Together”. It makes collection very simple and easy.

6.  World Teachers’ Day celebration

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated in NSW every year on the last Friday in October. However, due to school commitments (eg Friday PSSA sport where many teachers are off site), we generally celebrate it at Warrawee on the last Wednesday in October.

World Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to acknowledge our teachers and say thanks for the significant contributions they make in our classrooms and communities.

The P&C celebrate this day by preparing a morning tea for all the teachers to enjoy together in both the infants and primary staff rooms. 

Personal teacher messages are also collected from the students and left in the staff room for them to read while having their morning tea. The children are encouraged to write the favourite thing about their teacher and something that their teacher always says etc. Needless to say lots of laughs are usually heard coming from the staff rooms on the day. 

We really need your help as Class Parents to coordinate and run both the morning tea and the teacher messages.  The Class Parent Coordinator will be in touch later in the year to advise on the plan for the celebration.

7.  Provide support to the P&C social & fundraising committee

There are a number of social and fundraising events that take place throughout the year.  Each event is generally assigned to a Year Group to coordinate and manage. Class Parents are essential in ensuring that the relevant Year Group are organised with volunteers to deliver the event and provide support to the P&C Social & Fundraising Committee .  The Class Parent Coordinator will advise the Class Parents accordingly.