Warrawee Public School

Warrawee... the place to be educated for the future

Telephone02 9144 2637


2024 Office Bearers


Officer Bearers:

President Charlie Walker president@wpspandc.org
Vice President 1 Yoni Kirsh vicepresident@wpspandc.org
Vice President 2 Lucas Taylor traffic@wpspandc.org
Treasurer Lal Jain treasurer@wpspandc.org
Secretary Justin Smith secretary@wpspandc.org


Andy Donohoe
Jordan Weaver-Keeney
Plus "Office Bearers"

Further Sub-Committee/Roles

Grounds Force Vacant groundsforce@wpspandc.org
Traffic Lucas Taylor traffic@wpspandc.org
Events Jordan Weaver-Keeney events@wpspandc.org
Community Vacant community@wpspandc.org
Class Parent Coordinator - Primary Angela Sciacca classparentprimary@wpspandc.org
Class Parent Coordinator - Infants Jamie Hoy classparentinfants@wpspandc.org
Fathers' Group Lucas Taylor wfg@wpspandc.org